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“Inclusive education seeks to address the learning needs of all children, with a specific focus on those who are vulnerable to marginalization and exclusion. The goal is to promote opportunities for all children to participate and be treated equally.”

— Andie Fong Toy

Diverse Preschool Students

OCEANS Plus Consulting, LLC aims to create inclusive environments by bridging the student achievement gap in special education. We implement techniques that enhance teacher training, family support, and access to community organizations.

We work with schools, families, and teachers in the greater Central Texas area who want to increase their capacity to advocate for students with disabilities and ensure they receive access to a free appropriate public education (FAPE).

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Nyisha Causey, M.Ed

Nyisha is the founder and owner of OCEANS Plus Consulting, LLC. Through OCEANS+ she offers communities educational advocacy, networking, and support. This is accomplished by championing parents through the IEP/504 process, training teachers on effective instructional practices and assisting them with developing and implementing data-driven IEPs, and by connecting families to community agencies/support networks throughout the greater Central Texas area.

She earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2007, and in 2023 she earned her Master’s in Special Education from Lamar University.

Nyisha has spent the past 10 years as a certified public school teacher, serving in various roles within special education. From being a classroom volunteer to a Paraprofessional and eventually a Certified Resource/Inclusion Teacher, ARD/IEP Facilitator, and most recently a Special Education Campus Coordinator, Nyisha has cultivated and mastered the knowledge and skills needed to effectively collaborate with parents and teachers to ensure students with disabilities are receiving the services and support they need.


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ARD/IEP & 504 Consultation

Preparing for an upcoming ARD/IEP or 504 meeting? Need help ensuring your child is receiving FAPE? Let us help you advocate for your child’s needs.

Teacher Training

We help teachers streamline their processes to create, implement, and progress monitor data-drive IEPs. We also offer training on differentiating instruction across content areas.

Community Connections

It takes a village to ensure the unique academic and behavioral needs of every student are met. We connect you to community agencies & resources that provide additional services and support.

IMPORTANT: Please note that OCEANS Plus Consulting does not provide legal counsel or advice. If you believe you are in need of legal representation you are encouraged to consult with an attorney


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OCEANS Plus Consulting, LLC offers several workshops & training sessions for parents/guardians and educators. Click the link to the right for a view a full list of workshops & training topics.

Community Engagement


Amanda Castaneda, Parent

“Nyisha is one of a kind. She went above and beyond for my daughter when her education was hurting. I am first to admit that an IEP is not an easy road to navigate and the school was not much help. My daughter was failing most of her classes with the school not fully assisting. I reached out to Nyisha to assist me with understanding how to navigate the IEP process and with assisting my daughter and what to say to the school. My daughter has had an IEP for 7 years and it was still an unknown world.

Nyisha gave me great recommendations to request and how to ask for them. It was the first time in 7 years I felt confident walking into an IEP meeting and ready to help my daughter excel in school. Nyisha was also available for those quick messages while I was in the meeting to make sure I was requesting the correct things. Since having the IEP fixed my daughter who had a 1.8 GPA is now sitting at a 3.15 and she is the happiest and thriving.

I would recommend Nyisha 110% to anyone who is struggling to understand IEP or if school is just not listening to your child's needs.

Kimberly Jordan, Client

“My nephew, who has Down’s syndrome and is nonverbal, was being tracked to take the on-level STAAR assessment this year, which he is in no way prepared for.

Nyisha was able to explain the new law changes and provide guidance in what, specifically, to ask for in his ARD meeting to ensure he would continue to take the STAAR Alt exam, which is the most appropriate assessment for him if forced to take one.

Without her expertise and guidance, he would have been forced to sit for a test that would have been meaningless for both him and his school.

His parents, our family, and I are incredibly grateful for the experience and knowledge she shares.

Raquel Coston, Parent

Nyisha did an amazing job explaining the paperwork my daughter received from her ARD evaluation. She also helped me by letting me know what rights I have as a parent and what my daughter can receive from special education services. I felt I was prepared when I had my daughter’s initial ARD thanks to her. Thank you Nyisha!”

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